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"Yo! It's Sacred Muscle here, founder of The Sacred Knights back in 2013.  My real name is Francisco and I'm a guy born and raised in Colorado.  I got into gaming back when the Playstation 2 first released and my parents gave me it for Christmas in 2008.  I've always been into games related to first/ third person shooters, action role playing, and 3D sandbox games. My favorite has, and always will be Skyrim, Call of Duty, & Minecraft.  As a kid I've always been into building things since my dad first had me do a large residential construction business.  Whether it was building with Legos, drafting blueprints, inventing products, and even building muscle mass.  Before my sister passed away due to a car crash accident, her ex-boyfriend introduced me to playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  THAT'S when the fire within me was really sparked and my ever-growing love with Call of Duty has since continued on.  I was always very competitive towards the things I actually cared about.  I played most common sports growing up and eventually learned I only really enjoyed airsoft, bodybuilding, & gaming (e-sports) which I still do to this day.  Along the way I started several different ventures including inventing, e-commerce, personal training, gaming, and more that are planned more towards the future, for my main focus at the moment is gaming.  Growing up, I was always trying new things ranging from after school clubs to doing things most people around me didn't necessarily agree with.  I always would strive towards leadership positions in school because I felt I was able to make the most of everyone's gifts.  I was always very empathetic & caring to everyone I engaged with which I felt helped contribute to being good at leading others. I always listen to personal development audio books & try to learn from other people's mistakes.  Shortly after, I realized being dyslexic and having minor OCD was actually a gift God gave me and not the “disability” most people see it as.  Throughout middle school & high school I always got judged & belittled which only made me stronger.  I got really good at the skill of not giving a f*** what others thought of me which led to me doubling down on what I really cared about.  My whole life I was fixed on the mindset of going to college and becoming an architect but towards the end of my junior year/ all of my senior year, I stopped trying in school to get A's & B's like my whole life depended on it (I was brainwashed to be setup for college) and would do the bare minimum just to get by so I can spend more time and energy into what really mattered to me (Started failing several classes).  The amount of absences I received almost got me expelled and not be able to graduate (I was okay with "not walking across the stage" but I pulled through because my family cared a lot about it so I figured I may as well finish).  After graduation I got a night job working nights for 2 years now mainly working as an electrician for a local plant.  I used the money to support all the equipment I needed to stream, play competitively, & invest towards ecommerce to be able to support the team I was creating & move out of my parent's house to become 100% independent.  The major downside is the loss of time since I now only have one day a week to work on what I really care about.  As I'm focused on gaming & trying to always place myself in better positions for success & trying to post as much as possible on social media, I realized I needed to do something more to get me out of the typical "9-5 trap."  I recently was able to acquire an angel investor/ mentor for Amazon FBA & continue learning/ applying new moves everyday.  I'm always doing at least one thing significant towards putting the team and I in a better position towards everyone's desires every single day & I will continue on doing so.  Creating the website was not only a way to support the aspiring full time gamers, but to be able to give back towards every team member's non-profit & soon be able to support all the underdogs out there who don't have much money but are still grinding to make it.  To not only help our fans with actual useful gaming products but a create a forever lasting Colorado based e-sports team know as The Sacred Knights ⚔"



Sacred Muscle's Discount Code - "Muscle10"

Every member’s discount code will partially go towards a charity of their choice

Sacred Muscle’s charity of choice is “Made by Dyslexia.” A global charity led by successful dyslexics helping the world understand the value of dyslexia! As a dyslexic himself, he tries to empower other dyslexics and spread awareness on the great gift of being dyslexic and show others how it's far from a "disability," but rather an advantage.



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