Our Story

We’re passionate gamers who thrive to make it farther than any.  We originated back in 2013 online from an old gaming clan. We felt we were being limited and demanded more so we’ve decided to leave and start our very own clan in the United States.  We love to have fun, but we love dominating more. We’re pursuing our dream by creating a professional e-sport team for different games whom will receive benefits far from ordinary. This is for the ones who want to make it as streamers, competitors, givers, and as an idol altogether, through consistency, discipline, and willpower.


We sell gaming products at extremely affordable prices, because it's our way of giving back to the gaming community and making it easier for other competitors to become champions on a budget.  We Provide what we believe is necessary to take your gaming to the next level.  Buying from us helps us fund more into the team and help others get the opportunity to be where they desire.


Join us, and become part of the rising empire and support the vision.  Support the future of gamers who thrive to make it as champions. Become those who demand more of what we call life.  Ultimately, to become a Sacred Knight.